Through new advances in Integrative Dental Medicine, comprehensive dentists should now be on the front lines of the battle, not only against caries, periodontitis, and TMD, but also playing a crucial role in the fight against heart disease, atherosclerosis, diabetes, and any other chronic inflammatory based disease. If you are ready to take your comprehensive dental practice to the next level, re-energizing it with new meaning, purpose, and referrals, Liberty Dental Coop is uniquely positioned to help you with the knowledge and tools to make that happen.




Liberty Mastermind – This online Dawson Academy study club is a great way to stay on top of the latest clinical advances in comprehensive whole-health dental care. This is also a great way to introduce that new associate to “the concept of complete dentistry” and assure yourself that your patients will always receive the care and attention to vital details that you have built your reputation on! Accredited core curriculum is provided by the Dawson Academy. Membership is not limited to co-op members, but study club members all receive free co-op membership. All from the comfort of your home! (Over $8,000 of savings and benefits.)


Complete Health Improvement Program CHIP is the world leader in lifestyle improvement, the research proves it!  If you’ve been struggling to find an effective way to help your patients make the lifestyle changes necessary  to get their mouths healthy along with the rest of their body, this is it.  Diet, exercise, stress management, its all here.  Not only does it work, it sticks!  And they can do it all from the comfort and convenience of their home.  This new partnership will be exclusively for LDC members and their patients, finally solving the biggest roadblock to seeing real lifesaving changes in your patients health. Call now for details.



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